Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Helena's Opinion

Usually I don't post anything regarding politics, religion, my personal opinion on various "hot button" issues, etc.

However, Helena came to me and asked if she could post something on the "grays" (of which she is a vital member) blog and was so convincing that I just had to give her the podium.

So, here's what Helena" had to say:

"Linda, I know that you don't like to discuss politics on your blog, but something phenomenal and dear to the hearts of all the female baby boomers who have grown up during the "old boy network" attitudes of the 40,s, 50's, 60's 70's, 80's, 90's, and 20's era happened last night. Hillary won the New Hampshire primary."

"Now I know a lot of women, especially young women, will think that's no big deal. Well, for all of us who have experienced what it was like for women in the "old boy network" workplace in the early years and all the cultural pressures on women - it is a very big deal."

"You see, back then women were at the bottom of the workplace barrel and weren't even given the opportunity to hold managerial positions, sit on the boards of corporations, or even hold executive positions. In fact, if you look at the annual reports of most of the corporations from those early era's you won't see pictures of any women. Now how pathetic was that?"

"Young women growing up today have so many, many rights that were denied to women of my generation, and yet, they aren't really aware of it. It's been a long, long time since the suffrage movement, and a long hard haul for the women's rights movement and finally, after decades of fighting one women may just become the VERY FIRST female president of the United States."

"Well, for all of the baby boomer women that is a VERY BIG DEAL and should be a VERY BIG DEAL for ALL women no matter what their age. That's just my opinion - but I'm sticking to it."

"So, I hope I speak for the rest of the "gray's" when I say HILLARY - YOU GO GIRL! A win in New Hampshire - onward and upward. Next step the white house!"

"Thank-you, Linda for letting me voice my opinion. "


  1. Hi Linda
    I do so agree with Helena "HILLARY - YOU GO GIRL!"

  2. Hi, Rosalie:

    I'll pass your comment along to Helena. I know she'll be thrilled you agree and happy that you commented. She'll probably also tell me, "See, I was right! It does matter!" Living with dolls..... LOL LOL