Saturday, February 28, 2009

There's Some New "Grays" In Town!

Our five original "Gray Is Beautiful" dolls don't know it yet but there are some new "Grays" in town. We're hoping that they will welcome the new arrivals with open arms. We think they will - we're hoping they will. Let's put it this way - they'd better!!!!!

After all senior citizens need to stick together. Especially when there are 1,796 dolls - most of which are not "seniors." So, we think they will be happy to have some new "grays" - especially gentleman "grays!"

We'd like you to meet the new "Gray Is Beautiful" dolls:

LW289 Blue Bell Sara

LW256 Grandma Aurora May On An Expedition

LW257 Grandpa Lewis On An Expedition

LW262 Rebecca

LW218 Sweetheart Faith

LW219 Petronella The Birdhouse Lady

LW220 Doug The Handy Dandy Gentleman

LW203 Laura The Quintessential Bunny Lady

LW204 Devin A Bunny Gentleman

The new grays will all have their own product lines, too. So far only Helena has shown her products lines. However, all the "grays"will have their own product lines and we are hoping to unveil them all within the next few months.

In the meantime, I hope everyone will welcome the new "grays.

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