Sunday, March 1, 2009

The NEW Grays - Devin A Bunny Gentleman

"Laura, The Quintessential Lady Bunny!" was pacing around the house and couldn't wait for her husband, "Devin, A Bunny Gentleman", to get home. He was working late tonight and wouldn't be home for a few hours. Laura wasn't sure she could wait that long.

You see, she was quite beside herself. She just couldn't understand what they hadn't received their invitation to join the "Victorian Animals Tea Society" that was started by "Bearly Victorian, Ryan" and his wife, "Bearly Victorian, Deb!" for all their wonderful Victorian animal friends.

After getting rejected for the umpteenth time from the latest Victorian tea society that he had applied to "Barely Victorian, Ryan!" decided that he and his wife should start their own club.

Their club would truly have an open membership and be accepting of all individuals and creatures. None of this "open to all", but really closed to animals rules. So what if Ryan and Deb were bears. They were still Victorian to the core. In fact, their lineage was probably older than some of the snooty Victorians who turned down their membership application.

Laura and Devin were not only "animals, but "old money" animals which meant they were the creme de la creme of the Victorian animal establishment. They were definitely eligible to join the "Victorian Animals Tea Society." So, why hadn't they received an invitation yet?

"Devin, A Bunny Gentleman!" is an 18" Victorian bunny gentleman. He is a self standing bunny doll with a square bottom and warm & natural body. His face is embroidered and his cheeks are blushed. The outline of his mouth is embroidered with a back stitch and his nose is satin stitch embroidered with pink floss. The inside of his mouth is colored pink. The outline of his eyes is back stitch embroidered with black floss and satin stitched with black floss while his iris are colored brown. His eyelashes are straight stitch embroidered with black floss. His eyebrows and long mustache are both made of raw mohair. He has whiskers on both sides of his cheeks.

Devin's beautifully tailored outfit is the latest in Victorian gentleman's wear. His shirt is finished and gathered at the neck edge and his lined vest matches his jacket. He has a lace trimmed ascot wrapped around his neck which is overlapped in the front and tied with a DMC bow.

His jacket is lined and has front pockets and a collar with lapels. His sleeves are cuffed and the edges of his lined jacket are top stitched. His jacket is fastened in the front with two large buttons and DMC floss.

He has beautiful straight white mohair hair that is barely controlled underneath his lined, brimmed, and pointed hat. He has wired warm and natural ears with fabric inner ears that are sticking out through the slits in his hat. There is a separate band around the brim of his hat with feather decorations.

"Devin, A Bunny Gentleman!" knows that when he gets home he will have wonderful news for his wife. You see, he has the invitation to the "Victorian Animals Tea Society" in his pocket. It was hand delivered by "Bearly Victorian, Ryan" himself.

Devin wasn't surprised by the invitation. Despite his 70+ years he is still the creme de la creme of society and fully expected to receive a personal invitation. Just wait until Laura hears. She'll be thrilled.

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