Sunday, March 1, 2009

The NEW Grays - Doug The Handy Dandy Gentleman

"Petronella, The Birdhouse Lady!" is very concerned about her bird friends and their survival over the long, cold winter months.

In fact she is so concerned she asked her husband, "Doug, The Handy Dandy Gentleman!" to make her several birdhouses that she could put in the yarn to help her feathered friends.

The problem is that Petronella doesn't want just any birdhouses. She wants fancy Victorian birdhouses, with style and class. Lots of details and intricate molding.

Doug, on the other hand, doesn't want to invest so much time in making birdhouses that are just going to be destroyed by Petronella's fine feathered friends. He doesn't want to make them, but he loves to please Petronella.

"Doug, The Handy Dandy Gentleman!" is a 13" squared bottomed self-standing Victorian snowman warm & natural cloth doll. He has an embroidered face with black bead eyes, resin carrot nose, outline embroidered mouth, and blushed cheeks. He also sports a cute wool fleece mustache.

Doug a full head of straight white mohair hair that is barely controlled under his lined felt top hat.

He is wearing his favorite felt jacket with white piping along all the edges, a left side breast pocket, and two front pockets. His jacket is secured in the front with three buttons and two large fringed scarves are tied around his neck and then in a knot in the front.

He also has two felt earmuffs over his ears to keep him warm and being the gentleman that he is he's carrying a handkerchief in his breast pocket. = He just never knows when his wife, Petronella, will need it.

"Doug, The Handy Dandy Gentleman!" knows how much Petronella's fine feathered friends mean to her and has no problem making them birdhouses. It's just that to have to make finely crafted and delicately featured Victorian birdhouses for "the birds" is really going overboard.

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