Aging is beautiful and gray hair is not only beautiful, but something to be proud of. After all you've earned all those gray or white hairs. Stand up and say, "I'm gray and proud of it!" Better yet, "I'm a senior citizen and PROUD of it!" This blog is in honor of all the aging, graying, baby boomer, senior citizens, Grandmothers, Nana's, Grandma's and Grannies out there. If you're young and gray-haired or white-haired this blog is for you, too.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Mini Revolt - Of Sorts!

Over the weekend there was a mini revolt - of sorts! Actually I should say there was a "gray" revolt of sorts.The "Grays" decided they wanted one of their own.

What am I talking about?  Well, you may or may not be aware that the "dollies" of "The Dollie Storage Room" blog decided that they wanted to put on a "Dollie Fashion Show", again,  since they hadn't done one since 2006 and demanded such .  Well, I decided to let them have their way and  wrote about their demand in a post entitled, "The "Dollies" Got Their Way - Again!"

So, over the weekend the "Gray Is Beautiful" group of dolls got together and decided that while putting on a fashion show with all the other "dollies" might be fun they'd rather do one of their own.

After all, they're all very unique and very proud of being "gray" and, as senior citizens, well - they could do what they want.  They figured, "Why be amongst a group of thousands of dollies when they had enough dolls in their own group for a fashion show and could put on a far better show than the "youngsters!" 

So, stay tuned - the seniors are on the runway and getting ready for their own show on "The Gray Is Beautiful Blog."  It should be interesting.