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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Blue Bell Sara - The Long Sleek Sitting Doll Patterns and Handmade Faceless Victorian Doll

"Blue Bell Sara" and her sorority sister "Swing Sweetly Annabelle" are two of the newest dolls from my  "The Long Sleek Sitting Doll Series!"

Both are elegantly attired and ready for their afternoon walk.

"Blue Bell Sara" is wearing the finest in Victorian afternoon attire and is an elegant faceless Victorian doll who went prematurely gray. "Swing Sweetly Sara", on the other hand, is wearing her best Colonial attire for an afternoon stroll and has a beautifully embroidered and water colored face as well as a full head of burgundy colored hair.

Both dolls belong to the "Only Elegance Alpha Phi E" sorority as did both their mothers and several of their grandmothers before them. So, they really had no choice in the matter as it was wholly expected of them that they would join.

So, join they did and both are reporting that they are so happy to be part of such a wonderful and elegant sorority. Neither, in accordance with their sorority rules, will tell you what they've been up to though. It's a secret and only discussed amongst sorority members! The only thing they will say is that they have an upcoming event, which everyone will surely enjoy, but which they can't and won't talk about.

"Blue Bell Sara" is a 28" Victorian "faceless" cloth doll that prefers to hang on a wall in any Victorian decor. She has a long sleek body, long sleek arms, and long sleek legs with black cross tied boots.

Her bloomers are 2-tiered with gathered lace trim and straight lace trim along the bottom hem edge. They are gathered at the waist and ankles. Her slip has gathered eyelet lace trim along the bottom hem edge and is gathered at the waist. She is wearing her best pair of lace gloves.

"Blue Bell Sara's" intricately two-toned dress has multiple panels of coordinating fabric. Her sleeves are two-sectional and consist of faced cuffs and a large puffy sleeve gathered at the shoulder. Her darted in the front dress has multi-colored side panels and underarm gores and 2-tiers of gathered lace trim along the bottom hem edge. The collar is lined and box style.

A long lace trimmed and gathered ruffle surrounds the shoulders and runs down the front sides and meets in a "V" below the waist. Long white pearls are draped around her neck.

"Blue Bell Sara" went prematurely gray at a very early age and wears her long gray hair with bangs tied up in a bun in the back. Her lined and coordinated bonnet with tulle sits lovingly upon her head and bun and is decorated with ribbon and silk floral. Her bonnet ties are wrapped around her neck and decorated with silk floral. They also serve as her wall hanger for the loop in the back of her neck.

An old handkerchief is wrapped around her shoulders and around her arms for a shawl.

“Blue Bell Sara, The Long Sleek Sitting Doll!”, 28” Victorian Art Doll E-Pattern - Wall or Sitting - The Long Sleek Sitting Doll Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Advanced

Handmade Doll

"Blue Bell Sara" knows she has some tall shoe's to fill in the "Only Elegance Alpha Phi E" sorority as her mother and some of her grandmother's were past presidents. However, she's not worried. She knows she is up to the task and, if elected president of the sorority, will have no problem fulfilling that role. After all, she is from an elegant line of long, sleek sitting dolls - isn't she?