Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mabel I Might! - "Gray Is Beautiful Series"

"Mabel - I Might!"can and "Mabel - I Might!" will. She is strong and she is able and is a PROUD member of the “Gray Is Beautiful!” Club.

"Mabel - I Might" has wild, dark gray hair and always reminds me of "Rosie - The Riveter" from the WWII commercials. You know, the one on all the posters wearing a bandanna and forging steel. There isn’t anything that Mabel can’t do.

Mabel is all ready in her denim overalls for her job at the steel factory. But, she thinks that just because she forges steel doesn't mean she can't wear fancy bloomers.

So what if they show below her overalls? You got a problem with that?

If you do, take my advice, and don't tell Mabel.

Why? Because there isn't anything Mabel can't do once she puts her mind to it.

In fact, she proudly boasts that anything a man can do she can do better. Well, there a few things Mabel might not be able to do because of sheer physical strength limitations but I'm not about to tell her that.

Are you kidding? She can bench press 350 pounds. She might just decide to knock my head off just to prove her point.

That's, okay, Mabel. We believe you.

She has wild gray hair that sticks straight out of the sides and top of her head.

She has a cloth body, embroidered face with a wonderful smile, lace trimmed bloomers, denim jumper, and checkered shirt. She has a fringed bows tied around her neck and a fringed bow in her hair.

Got a job to do - Mabel will do!

Designer - Linda Walsh Originals

“Mabel - I Might!”, 21” Country Art Doll E-Pattern -“Gray Is Beautiful” Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner 

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