Thursday, February 11, 2016

"Susan Renee - My Beautiful Gray" - "Gray Is Beautiful Series"

Susan is a big, big, big snob. Can't you tell that already?

She wants to be called "Susan Renee" and not just "Susan."

Well, whoop-de-do, I say!"

Susan, Oh, excuse me.... Susan Renee is extremely demanding, articulate, knowledgeable, well-read, wealthy and aggressive. She has a mind for business and knows where every penny of her fortune is.

And, if you want to inherit some of that then you have to earn it. Don't try to contradict her or disagree with her for "Susan Renee" is always right.

She wears her beautiful head of gray hair proudly. She has earned every gray hair on her head and is proud of it.

Susan Renee knows what she wants and, always, gets it. Her goal in life is to sit on the board of the top 5 Fortune 500 companies.

She has a mass of straight gray hair all over her head which she has fastened into a bun on the back of her head and adorned with a ribbon tied in a bow.

She is a free standing doll with a cloth body and embroidered face, light blue buttons for eyes, lace trimmed slip, lace trimmed dress with a ruffle on the bottom and a lace trimmed center strip adorned with 5 large buttons, large wired ribbon bow which adorns the lower part of her dress, and an old tattered lace trimmed hanker-chief for a shawl. She is coffee stained throughout.

“Susan Renee” can be very judgmental.

Designer-Linda Walsh Originals

“Susan Renee - My Beautiful Gray”, 13” Primitive Art Doll E-Pattern -“Gray Is Beautiful” Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Intermediate

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