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Friday, September 16, 2016

Sweetheart Faith Products and Designs - The Dolls Product Lines Series

"Sweetheart Faith!" is just the sweetest snow-lady you'd ever want to meet. She just loves her life, loves being outside, and especially loves being in the garden.

Even though she's been growing flowers for decades she's still amazed by their beauty. There isn't a flower or plant that she can't identify or any flower or plant that she can't nurse back to health.

She has quite the "green thumb" for a snow-lady and is the envy of all the "ladies" in her Victorian gardening club. If you've got a gardening question - ask "Sweetheart Faith!"

Got a sick plant - give it to "Sweetheart Faith!" Need help designing your Victorian garden - ask "Sweetheart Faith!" Need a floral arrangement for a special occasion - ask "Sweetheart Faith!" to help you. Anything and everything floral - ask "Sweetheart Faith!"


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